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New Moon Technocraft

Book Holster with belt loops for Ren Faire, LARP, Cosplay

Book Holster with belt loops for Ren Faire, LARP, Cosplay

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Carry a book, sketchbook, journal, ereader, spellbook or plans for world domination with you on your belt! This holster is not just for Ren Faires and Cosplays but works well for every day. This order was a custom design that I made for my daughter and then I made one in sketchbook cover format for myself! When I get an order for a custom cover I ask the customer what they are looking for. I then design an initial cover idea. I’ll send a digital proof and the customer provides feedback. I make changes and repeat the process until we have something that the customer LOVES. I then cut and engrave the leather, dye it, stitch (by hand), finish the edges and protect it. Three sizes available - composition book, regular or pocket Moleskin size. If I don't offer your size ask! I make my own patterns. Your choice of graphics and/or text on the front. Vegetable tanned leather hand your choice of colour with waxed black stitching.

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